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    ACF is committed to help our children reach their full potential.
  • 1 Our Beliefs

    We believe that good governance and humanitarian relief promotes human unity, development, security, peace and empowers our youths, children, women with jobs and quality education.
  • 1 Commissioning Event

    Commissioning Event of Abraham’s Children Foundation Paramedic Service Emergency Clinic and Ambulance in Afikpo Ebonyi State Nigeria by His Royal Highness Ezeago Ewa Elechi.
  • 1 Our Vision

    To have a peaceful secure and united human community in nations accessible to basic social and developmental services.



The Foundation purpose is to:

  1. To promote global peace, security and human unity through tangible community supported services in these areas: health, education, environment/climate change, disaster relief, conflict resolution/peace building, women empowerment, youth development, community social services development, child rights, human rights, democracy and good governance in communities where Jews, Christians and Muslims live with humans of other religions.
  2. To make charitable donation of health relief materials to victims of accidents, disasters, conflicts or war and to intervene in other emergency areas of human communities.
  3. To promote religious tolerance as a vital tool of achieving health security, food security, shelter security and community development that empowers youths, children and women with skills and education.

Guiding Principles

  1. Partnership with other organizations  
  2. Promoting human right to security in the area of health, food (agriculture), shelter, livelihood (employment for youth and women), democratic votes of citizens and good governance, disaster relief, environment, children and human rights.
  3. Interfaith religious tolerance and freedom of belief or non-belief.
  4. Effectiveness and efficiency in service delivery.
  5. Transparency and accountability in operation.
  6. Community sustainability of programs or projects.
  7. Multi-sectoral community centered engagement.
  8. Community ownership of services of the Foundation.
  9. Integrated global network of the Foundation’s partnership and activities.

Global Plan

The Foundation’s global plan will be in line with:
           - UNAIDS 2011 – 2015 strategy.
           - Global plan to stop communicable diseases.

Our Goals

• To have 10,000 Peaceful and United human communities in nations without security challenges over period 2013-2017.
• To prevent 2 million lives lost due to violence associable with inaccessibility to social and developmental basic needs over the period 2013 - 2017.


Membership of the Foundation is open to all humans resident in global communities where Jews, Christians and Muslim reside. Click here to fill Membership form.


To have a peaceful secure and united human community in nations accessible to basic social and developmental services.

MISSION vision

To be the leading world class Non-profit organization (NPO) promoting peace and unity among humans on earth.


Promoting peace and human unity through community services.