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    ACF is committed to help our children reach their full potential.
  • 1 Our Beliefs

    We believe that good governance and humanitarian relief promotes human unity, development, security, peace and empowers our youths, children, women with jobs and quality education.
  • 1 Commissioning Event

    Commissioning Event of Abraham’s Children Foundation Paramedic Service Emergency Clinic and Ambulance in Afikpo Ebonyi State Nigeria by His Royal Highness Ezeago Ewa Elechi.
  • 1 Our Vision

    To have a peaceful secure and united human community in nations accessible to basic social and developmental services.


Abraham’s Children Foundation founding inspiration is the rising insecurity in communities of nations due to inaccessibility to basic social human needs that has resulted in violence, acts of terror or terrorism, absence of peace and unity of humans in these communities. The Foundation was founded to help provide some of these basic social services that are tangible and that help to reduce insecurity associated with health, food, livelihood (employment), shelter, development, water and hygiene, human rights, child rights, gender discrimination and absence of good democratic governance in communities that make up developing nations.

The Foundation founding Trustees believed that meeting the needs of different communities through tangible social services will provide avenue for the Foundation interventions in constructive dialogue, conflict resolution and peace-building in communities of developing nations. 

Abraham’s Children Foundation believe that there are basic needs and rights which all citizens of democratic nation(s) should enjoy, such as peace, security and unity of the global family of Adam and Eve (humanity). Human needs and desires are about safety, security, health, having enough to eat and a roof over our heads; then about forming relationships, friends, family, colleagues, -- connections that make meaning in our lives, and finally about attempting to fulfill consciously or unconsciously, the reason we are here

We plan to work with our partners in communities of nations in our efforts towards achieving our goals of human unity, global peace and security to life, health, food, shelter, properties, environment, jobs and economic development of communities where Jews, Christians and Muslims live with humans of other faiths.        Read More...


To have a peaceful secure and united human community in nations accessible to basic social and developmental services.


To be the leading world class Non-profit organization (NPO) promoting peace and unity among humans on earth.